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As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and human behaviour specialist since 2013, I’ve been helping Melbourne's corporate women get fit, healthy and confident with life-long results.
With a key focus on connecting the mind and body with healthy habits, creating positive mental health through effective stress management, and building strength and self confidence through safe and effective exercise techniques. 
Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body or build physical and mental strength, contact me today and get started!


About the Program

This is an amazing program that focuses on helping you create performance of your body and mind. The goal of this program is to lay a solid foundation for your health and wellbeing so you can feel confident that your body and your mindset are performing optimally for your future.

Together, we are going to create sustainable long-term health and wellbeing for you, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.


How it Works

4 Core Components

Change doesn't happen overnight...
so I work with you to help build your knowledge, skills and strength to empower you to become the expert of your body and mind. Every step of the way you will be supported, stretched and celebrated! YOU MATTER!



We take a deep dive in the assessment phase to find out where you are starting from and get you focused and clear about your future goals.


Personal Roadmap

Defining and building your individual roadmap with actions to get the most results for your effort now. The roadmap focuses on building a solid and sustainable foundation that you can grow from.

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Mindful Habits 

Online coaching to embed the best foundation habits for your body and mind. Daily routine, mindset, nutrition, movement and stress management strategies to support long-term success.


Coaching, Accountability, Support

A ‘fluid’ journey so you can navigate the internal blocks that come up along the way, ask questions, seek guidance, hold accountability and build ‘muscle’ for the future.


What's Included

The Keys to Your Success

Daily Nutrition and Habit Coaching (online app)

Exercise Training Program (online app)

Regular Guidance and Support from your Coach

Personal Training Sessions (optional)

Mindset Coaching (optional)

PH360 Epigenetics profiling (optional)

Packages starting from $29 per week


Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say


Coming into this program I was looking for ways I could work out a routine of regular appropriate exercise, sort out my eating habits and process some emotional stuff.
I was able to achieve all of this and now feel empowered to sustain the changes
The program challenged me about my ideas of what I should, could or shouldnt eat ( changed my language around that), the amount of food I required , my gut health and how much and type of exercise worked for me.
The way the program is structured gave me consistent steps, which if I did, were totally achievable.
Fiona’s support was compassionate yet no bullshit encouraging, validating and empowering.
She had my back yet at the same time I built my muscle of self trust.
What worked for me was the overall structure, having things to work on everyday which built the evidence I could do it, the awesome feedback and overall support I received.
I would recommend this to anyone who is unhappy dissatisfied about their health or self and or just curious about health and wellbeing .
I found there is always more to learn.


Meet the Creator

Here to Help You Succeed

Fiona Hurle

Integrative Health and Well-BEing Coach

Fiona Hurle is a women’s mind, body and soul wellbeing coach who empowers and educates her clients to re-connect with their inner strength and identity, and get them back into the driver’s seat of their life.

As a personal trainer, professional human behavioural strategist, nutrition coach and holistic therapist, Fiona emphasises the role of creating a healthy mindset, balanced nutrition, movement, and the positive effects on all areas of life. Fiona provides a no B.S, approach carefully teamed with love, nurture and accountability whilst making sure that her clients have fun along the journey.


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